Mike has always had a passion for working outdoors and working with heavy machinery that dates back to his early childhood days playing in the mud and dirt with his metal Tonka toys . As a young teenager Mike used to mow and landscape lawns for extra money we geuss trying to Follow  in his mothers , grandfathers, and uncles footsteps all avid flower gardeners. When Mikes uncle passed in 1999 he left behind a business named Mikes Lawn Service , Well in 2008 Mike wanted to recreate what his uncle had started before he passed , So while working at a local aluminum company Mike started Mikes Lawn service II in Early 2008 working just on the weekends and at night when he got off work . 2008 was not a great year to start a business you might say , well not a great year to work at one either especially a metal industry !! as metal prices soared no one bought so hours got cut . So , in September 2008 Mike made a life changing decision and went full time with Mikes Lawn service II .  While the winter of 2008-2009 was rough on mike he pursued through it turning Mikes Lawn Service II into Mikes Lawn and Landscape , LLC in January of 09 offering an array of Lawn and Landscaping Services ,  

                "Every year is like a rollar coaster ride with all the changes in the economy and new companies popping up everywhere , but we continue to hold on tight and never give up and every year better and greater than the last " 

      Mike continued to run Mike's Lawn and Landscape, LLC for the next 8 years ,   When he decided at the end of 2016 to Create Mike's Landscape and Design a full fledged Landscape / Hardscape Deisgn and Construction company , partnering with a internationally known hardscape product supplier


" We look forward to what the Future holds , making clients dreams turn into Actuality !! " 


Meet the Staff

‚ÄčMike Hackley  - Owner /CEO

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